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Strategic Writing, Reporting and Editing

Peter Hardin, a Pulitzer-nominated former journalist, uses the power of storytelling for social change. He will help your nonprofit group or agency communicate and accomplish its mission. Click on the green arrows to see a sample of his recent work.

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Advocating for Victims of Injustice

Hardin has urged states to compensate their surviving victims of eugenic sterilization.

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Illicit Tobacco: Illegal Profits, Public Peril

An updated analysis of the widespread, illegal international tobacco trade written for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

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Blogging for Fair and Impartial Courts

Hardin writes regularly for GavelGrab, the blog of Justice at Stake Campaign based in Washington, D.C. A small nonprofit, it fights to protect fair and impartial courts.

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What They Say
“Peter Hardin’s research and writing have been superb both in his work as a reporter and in the freelance writing he has done for us.”
--Vince Willmore, Vice President, Communications, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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