What They’re Saying

“I have the highest regard for Mr. Hardin’s skill as a researcher and writer, particularly his ability to take sometimes complex legal material–current as well as historical– and translate it into clean prose that is not only accessible to the general reader, but also powerful enough to move such readers to action.”
–Paul A. Lombardo, Ph.D., Georgia State University College of Law, author of “Three Generations—No Imbeciles: Eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell”

“Peter is an invaluable member of the Center for Political Accountability’s team. He has helped CPA frame the themes of its publications and articles and ensure that they have a real world impact. He also has advised the Center’s president on media matters that have benefitted CPA strategically. I would recommend him without hesitation for writing, editing and strategic communications work.”
–Bruce Freed, President, Center for Political Accountability

Posted in About, Thu, 28/05/09